Founded in 2018 by Corey Williams, the Savannah Leadership Foundation (SLF) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit based organization.

SLF is an accredited member of the Leadership Foundations global network that develops leaders to drive the Wheel of Change in their communities.


Savannah is a growing city made up of a diverse set of neighborhoods, communities, and people groups and comes with a unique set of challenges. 


Savannah Leadership Foundation (SLF) believes that how we engage people and challenges will impact the future success and cohesiveness of Savannah whether for good or ill. SLF sees the city, especially urban neighborhoods as places of promise and possibility, opportunity and faith, rather than risk and uncertainty. 


We cultivate this shift in thinking by driving the wheel of permanent change. With leadership at its core, the wheel of change is fueled by three strategic functions- Engaging people of faith and good will, Building the capacity of others and Developing joint initiatives.

Through our efforts we envision Savannah as a model city that will stand as a life-giving playground in-which every citizen flourishes and achieves their God given potential.

Engaging Leaders of Faith and Good Will

We believe city wide transformation requires collaboration across multiple sectors, such as faith, business, government and education. Serving as an intermediary, we connect and engage these diverse partners to develop comprehensive strategies that tackle the toughest issues of our city.

Building the Capacity of Others

We believe leaders drive change. Our leaders come from various walks of life including urban youth, grass roots community organizers, marketplace entrepreneurs and city officials. Training, coaching and mentoring leaders results in empowered people serving the city in their circle of influence.

Developing Joint Initiatives 

We believe if you're doing it alone, you're doing it wrong. Functioning as an umbrella organization, SLF provides leadership, staff supervision, volunteer oversight, and so much more to multiple initiatives that drive the wheel of change.

The Savannah Leadership Foundation Is About  Serving  Through Connection

The Savannah Leadership Foundation (SLF) sees cities as places of promise and prosperity; cities as playgrounds rather than battlegrounds. We cultivate this shift by driving the wheel of permanent change. With leadership at its core, the wheel of change is fueled by three strategic functions—engaging leaders of faith and good will, building the capacity of others and developing joint initiatives.


Our Mission


We best serve our community by connecting, unifying and mobilizing people of faith and people of goodwill through family and workforce mentoring and community collaboration. We believe if we connect the right people to the right resources and the right organizations, doors will be opened, enabling individuals to fulfill their God given purpose.


Our Vision


Savannah Leadership Foundations equips and empower local leaders, from both the profit and non profit sectors, who drives the wheel of permanent change in the Savannah and Chatham county area through the services and programs they provide to our community.  We do this by connecting, developing, and equipping local leaders through a variety of key services.